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October 12

bulletYippie!  Rubino Bellissimo was Reserve Champion at open 3rd level dressage for both CDS and USDF/ABIC Championships.  3 stallions: Rubino Bellissimo, Winterprinz, Pik's Pride, and a gelding Der Navigator were trading places up and down in pretty large classes (26 entries for CDS and 20 for USDF). Rubino didn't fare too well in the first CDS ride, and ended up 5th, but won with a big comeback in the second ride with 70+% average from two judges, and ended up CDS Reserve Champion behind Der Navigator by only  0.2%. Winterprinz was third. For the USDF/ABIC, which was determined by only one ride, Rubino was distracted by the horses being loaded to leave the showground and was very chatty; however, he again was the Reserve Champion, and Winterprinz became Champion this time, and Pik's Pride third. We are really pleased with Rubino and our trainer Nicole's super results, and how much Rubino has accomplished at the young age of 6. He'll take a well deserved break, and we'll have some fun on trails, and then start refining his 3's, 4's and the piaffe & passage that Nicole has started just for fun since Spring.
bulletRubino's trainer Nicole Perry also did super with Four Winds Farm's horses: Maurice was Reserve Champion I-1 Musical Freestyle, and Legend (Leutenspieler) was Reserve Champion 4th Level Musical Freestyle!  Great going, Nicole, and Thank you!

September 15

Congratulations to Betsy Moorhouse of Greenfields Farm for Wundersohn's great showing!

bulletWundersohn and his amateur handler Dawn won the 2002 Colt Class at the New England Dressage Association Breed Show with a score of 77.7.  They went on to the Colt and Gelding Championship, but the older horses were rearing and bucking; both Wunder and his Mom got nervous, so they didn't do as well.  However, great showing for a young colt and his amateur handler.

Congratulations to Pamela Hammer for Rubaron von Foxpaw's super show results!

bulletIn Georgia, Rubino Bellissimo's first born Rubaron won his Yearling Colt class with a score 76.7, and placed 3rd in the Colt and Gelding Championship, which qualified him for the Consequin/USDF BCS Final Show.  He then took second place with a score of 77.1 in the Hanoverian and Half Hanoverian class.  The judge for the final show was Hilda Gurney and Dietrich Felgendredher.  Rubaron received a 78% from Hilda and a 76.3% from Dietrich, which gave him an average of 77.15, and the Reserve Championship!  Rubaron's owner Pamela reported that they received a beautiful red, white and gold neck sash that says USDF BREEDERS CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES, 2002 RESERVE CHAMPION.

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September 2

bulletWundersohn was top foal at his inspection in Rhode Island.  The inspectors also considered him a stallion prospect.  Here are the comments made by the inspector as recorded by the breeder:  (Click here to see his pictures)
bullet"Very impressive colt.  He just really thinks he needs to deserve to stay entire. He is big and impressive and has a beautiful front end.  He just looks to me like a leader of a herd.  Conformationally very correct -- just very elastic. I think he has more trot in him than we saw... very elastic.  He backed off a little and wasn't brave enough to go." .

When he was brought back in for the champion presentation, she said --
"He has so much presence and he is a beautiful mover. He is very very elastic, very harmonious, very masculine. It's like what's not to like--He is a really nice horse." 
bulletWe didn't know that the 3rd level test 3 at DG Bar Show was not counted as a qualifier for USDF/ABIC because it was a stakes class, but fortunately I reviewed the report sent by USDF on Friday (8/30), and Nicole rushed to a show in Walnut Creek the next day and got a qualifying score.  Whew! He won the class and was the high score of the show, and we later learned that he competed with at least one if not two broken shoes (we noticed a crack on Saturday, and we found both shoes were broken in half right through the middle the next day; fortunately his feet didn't appear to be injured.)  Rubi now is qualified for the USDF/ABIC 3rd level and CDS 3rd level.  We plan to compete at the Championships in September.
bulletJust heard a couple of Wonderful's German sons got imported to the states.  Both are 6 years old.  One was sold to a lady amateur owner/rider to learn and compete dressage.  The horse is called Waikiddu (Vakky), he competed and won or placed many classes up to L level with a 16-year-old girl in Germany.  I exchanged some email with Vakky's new owner, and she declared that a "wonderful" dream can come true.  The other is for sale, and a well-known breeder (who owned a very nice Rhodiamont stallion son.  drool...:-) was looking for a FEI horse for herself, and found him.  She was amazed by his overachiever personality and how he offered everything voluntarily.  She called and emailed me to see if I know anything about him.  Unfortunately, she has more information than I do since this horse was bred in Germany when Wonderful was still owned by the State Stud.  I hope to get some pictures or video clips of these horses.
bulletRubino's daughter Rosinante (Ruby) qualified for the finals of the Cosequin/USDF Breeders' Championship Series for the NW Region! She won her yearling class at a USDF sporthorse show in Idaho, but honestly she was the only filly in the class. :-) However, she had the highest score for fillies 3 years or younger, so she was the Filly Champion. Here is a funny story told by Ruby's breeder, Katrina of Reckless Heart Ranch, about the eventful trip for their first show: 
bullet On the way home I had truck problems and we had to spent the night unexpectedly "on the road". The local auction yard was kind enough to offer to keep her in one of their pens. They were safe, she's had all her shots and I was in a pickle, so I said ok. It was really funny when I lead this classy, braided-up "fancy horse" off the trailer and put her in a pen between a donkey and about 15 cows. Two pens down was a llama! I tell you, when that donkey started to bray I thought Ruby's eyes were going to pop out of her head!! She looked like a cartoon character with her eyeballs on springs! But she held her ground, and the next morning when I came to pick her up she was totally at home with everybody. She even whinnied good-bye to the donkey! You can't buy experiences like that for a horse. And the funniest part was that I had 3 people approach me the next day and ask if she was going to be in the auction that day -- they were just drooling over her. So at least she impressed somebody!

August 3

bulletCheck out the "For Sale" section. A new Wonderful X Donnerhall/Pik Bube foal for sale.
bulletA lot of new pictures on-line! Go to my ClubPhoto site and check them out! Don't miss the letter from Wonderful's Canadian son William. It's in the Wonderful's Canadian son album. I'm sure you will enjoy it.
bulletRubi didn't go to the Pebble Beach show as planned because the other riders/horses that planned to go all backed out, so our trainer decided not to take just Rubi as it would be unnecessarily costly. Rubi has got all his qualifying scores, so he really doesn't need to show more. He is schooling 3-tempis and 4-tempis at home already.
bulletI finally will take a summer vacation before summer ends. I'll be out of town from August 5 to 14. I'm not sure whether my cell phone will work or not, but hopefully I can check email a few times during this period.

June 8

bulletDG Bar Show News: Rubino won all classes he entered. Unfortunately he didn't get to ride at the US 6-year-old FEI young horse Championship due to my ignorance of paperwork. :-( The Championship required a horse passport, I provided his passport that came with him when he was imported, but the USA-Eq official demanded all markings certified at the office, and it was a Saturday, so my trainer/rider couldn't get it done. My trainer said 4 or 5 horses didn't get the chance to ride because of paperwork. I wasn't there, but she told me the other horses' owners were pretty upset about this because the requirements were not clear. They felt the official should be more lenient because it was not like you could try 6-y-o again next year. I'm definitely disappointed in myself for messing this up, especially because he did so well at the Del Mar Show with a 7.8, and we finally got some tips from the judges about what they look for in this type of test. Oh, well, c'est la vie.  I'm just glad that I wasn't at DG Bar to suffer through the agony. Other than that, Rubi did win all the 3rd level classes he entered and won some prize money, so we are all very pleased.
bulletNew video clips: I put two clips of Rubi at the Golden State Dressage Festival show. Click on "Video clips" button on the left to see the available clips. My video editing machine got a computer virus attack. Hopefully I'll have it cleaned soon, so I can add more clips.
bulletWe moved! My email, fax, and cell phone information stay the same. My new address is: 2301 Bryant Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301. Too bad it's not a farm still, but it's closer to the farm where Rubino is.

April 30

bulletRubino's show results are updated. Click here to take a look. Stay tuned for video clips.

April 29

bulletRubino was very successful with his debut in showing 3rd level tests and 6-year-old FEI at Rancho Murieta.  It was a big 3-star CDI show in the Northern California.  He got 3 firsts and 1 second.  I'm waiting to collect all score sheets before posting all the details.  Will also include some new video clips.
bulletRubino has done it again!!!  He was at Del Mar last week, and again tremendous results in the strong field of Southern California horses and riders.  The following is a report from the excited owner of Four Winds Farms.  She owns Maurice, another horse our young trainer/rider Nicole showed at Del Mar. Also, big congratulations to Nicole for being awarded "Rider of the Show"!
bullethi, everyone:

just wanted to let you know that ruby, maurice and nicole did GREAT at del mar. they held up well (actually more than well) to the southern horses. ruby, as usual, won all his classes, and maurice placed second or third every day in his prix. st. georges and i-1 classes amidst tough competition. he even got to do a "runaway" honor round ;)

the great achievements were reflected in nicole being awarded "rider of the show"! guenter, debbie, steffen, kathleen and all the big riders were there. so you can imagine what a big honor this is. she will most likely be featured in the chronicle of the horse in the next few weeks so watch out for the article!

go fwf go!

bulletAll mares Rubino bred before his first show are all in foal.  Yippie!
bulletWonderful is reported doing really well at the breeding farm.  We have many new breeders selecting him, and we all look forward to many "wonderful" foals!

April 6

bulletNicole rode Rubino at a Steffen Peters clinic.  Nicole started Rubino on some nice half steps, and Steffen also rode him, and showed his magic.  Video clips will be available as soon as I find some disk space.

March 11

bullet We'll open our breeding season soon. Rubino will start breeding on the week of March 18. He does have a few shows in April and May, and we appreciate all mare owners who put in effort to coordinate the breedings with me. Rubino's show schedule is posted under "Calendar".
bullet Wonderful will start breeding in April. He has been taking a winter vacation at home, and I certainly enjoyed piaff and tempis on trails with him. We explored many places in Woodside. The trail system is great and the views from higher spots are spectacular. Some of the narrow trails with 10-12 feet of straight drop to the pavement of busy streets are a bit scary though.

January 17

bulletHappy New Year Belatedly! We went to the beautiful Australia and New Zeland and just came back.



December 11

bulletNew stallion video is available - holiday special - FREE! Please just fill out an order form.
bulletNew 2002 contract is now available. It is reorganized, so hopefully it's easy to read and to fill out information. Your suggestions and comments are always welcome.
bulletWonderful and Rubino Bellissimo are approved by German Westfalen Verband, and when breeding to Westphalian mares, the resulting foals can be registered as Westphalian.
bulletIt is confirmed: Wunderdonner bred by Betsy Moorhouse in Rhode Island, and owned by Judi Cook in S. California, ranked 4th in the yearling class for USDF sporthorse in-hand yearend award. This is a repeat of last year's result for Weltenzauber bred and owned by Sharon Hardy, owner of the sensational stallion Largoheider. Weltenzauber was 4th USDF and the highest ranked Hanoverian for that class in 2000.
bulletWish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a happy and prosperous New Year! Here is a Wonderful Holiday eCard (will be deleted in 30 days) for you!

November 6

bulletNew photos of Weltwunder jumping over a small jump with four feet still in the air. Weltwunder is Wonderful's son out of breeder Alexis Katz's super sport Arabian mare. Click here to view his album.
bulletRubaron von Foxpaw's video clips are on-line! I received a video that covered all the foals at the inspection. The Southeastern Hanoverian Association did a really super job. It appears that the entire inspection was "officially" documented, and the video tapes looks professionally produced with laser print labels. It was really great to be able to compare all the foals and hear the inspector's comments. Rubaron sure showed off his lofty and rhythmic trot with super suspension well. It was a thrill to hear all the Wow's and cheering from the audience when he went around. Click here to view the clips. Enjoy!

October 21

bulletReported from Georgia AHS inspection: Rubino Bellissimo's first foal, Rubaron von Foxpaw, bred by Mary Pawlak at Foxpaw Farm, received super remarks from the inspection team, and was described as "fulfillment of every breeder's dream", and was the top colt at the inspection. (Note: in most AHS inspection, the foals are not ranked. However, Rubaron received the highest score 8-9-8 for all colts.) Mary is sending us the video; please stay tuned. Meanwhile, you can check out his baby pictures and video.

October 16

A WONDERFUL show for Wonderful Sport Horses

bulletRubino Bellissimo performed superbly at the California Dressage Society and USDF Championships that was held at Rancho Murieta from October 11 to 14.

Nicole and Rubi achieved great results despite that Rubi was sick for almost two weeks prior to the show. He got a viral infection that apparently was widespread in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've heard similar cases in the South bay and Southern California too. To make the matter worse, he got bad scratches on all three legs that have whites, probably due to weakened immune system. He couldn't be worked for a week right before the show because of very swollen and sensitive legs and pasterns. However, the preparation through out the year certainly paid off. Even that he was not 100%, here is what Nicole and Rubi accomplished:

bulletCDS First Level Championship - Champion
bulletUSDF First Level Championship - 3rd place (Judge Axel Steiner scored them first)
bulletCDS Second Level Championship - 8th place

He was also 2nd with only a fraction of a percent behind the 1st in a huge warmup class (four and half hours for the entire class) on Thursday, only one day after he got some schooling since he was sick.

As usual he behaved really well at the show, a few pretty "girls" did catch his attention, but overall everyone was amazed by his gentleman like behavior and his focus on his work. On Saturday, he got the chance to gallop his victory round all by himself because the announcer forgot to call his name while the other 3 horses took off galloping. He just stood quietly until it was his turn. Unfortunately we didn't capture that in the video. :-(

Four years ago, my black stallion Welt Klasse also was the CDS First Level Champion at 5, so repeating the same result is a particularly significant and sentimental experience for me personally. At that time Welt Klasse was competing Training and First levels, but this time Rubi has surpassed him by showing First and Second Levels.

We are very grateful for Nicole's dedication and talents in training and showing Rubi, and obviously very pleased with Rubi's incredible progress as a 5-year-old. He was definitely competing against horses that are older and more mature in development, so we are sure he will only get better with time . We will look forward to more exciting work and shows in the coming year.


bulletAlso another great news from the show is that Winwood, a 6-year-old gelding by Wonderful, did really well with Heather Bender. They were the Reserved Champion for both CDS and USDF Second Level classes, and only fraction of a percent behind the champion, who is older. (Yap, Rubi had to compete against them. :-) Winwood also won one of the 3rd level CDS championship classes, but I don't know the final 3rd level result at the moment (CDS championship is an average of two rides.) This is the first time I got to meet Winwood and Heather, so it was really exciting.

September 9

bulletOldenburg NA inspectionon on 8/22 showcased two Wonderful-Arab cross foals, one filly and one colt. Both went premium beating many foals that are pure in German bloods. The filly is the reserve champion filly, and second highest scoring foal of all the foals, and received the highest score for her trot, score of 8.5. The colt is the reserve champion colt. Go to my ClubPhoto Albums to check out the baby pictures.
bulletBoth Arab cross foals had an excellent day at A.R.A.B.S. sporthorse inspection on 8/25. The judge is a regular warmblood judge, but was very much impressed by the Wonderful-Arab cross. Both babies scored all 8.5 or higher. The colt got 8.8 on overall, and received First Premium Merit, which is the highest one can go. Stay tuned for inspection photos.
bulletWunderdonner, Wonderful's yearling son (out of Donnerhall dam) did really well at Creek Hollow Ranch USDF Breeder's Championship Qualifier show:
bulletFirst place in the Colts and Geldings of 2000 class with a 74%
bulletReserve Champion Colt and Geldings for the In-hand Sport Horse prospect classes division, and qualified for the Southern Calif. finals.
bulletHighest scoring Hanoverian at the show.
bulletWunderdonner did it again at his second USDF Breeder Qualifying show: He got a 76.5% and was the winner of the colts and geldings of 2000 class.
bulletRubino Bellissimo, at only 5 years old, has qualified for both USDF and CDS annual championships for both First and Second level dressage. We are all so proud of him.
bulletNOTE: ListBot service for the mailing list has been stopped, so I am switching to Yahoo groups' newletter mailing list service. Please let me know if you find any problem with this service. Thanks.

July 18

bulletA lot more baby pictures... check it out at my clubphoto website. Look for albums with names starting with 2001.
bulletNew video of 2001 colt by Wonderful out of Donna's Pik. He is the full brother of the sensational Wunderdonner born last year.
bulletNew video on Montserrat. He is doing well with his training in Germany. He has equivalent of ability as Rubino, and his medium trot is very cadenced. Click here to go to the video collection page. Enjoy!
bulletRubino went to Pebble Beach Dressage show and did very well! Stay tuned for his scores...

June 26

bulletRubino's show records are on-line. He is undefeated at First and Second Level Dressage at a young age of 5. Click here to view.
bulletA few more pictures added to 1derful Sport Horses' album collections - Please feel free to browse at: my ClubPhoto site: http://members1.clubphoto.com/violet7124/. Enjoy!
bulletListbot mailing list service is being pulled by Microsoft. I plan to either migrate to Yahoo's service or write my own list manager. Please stay tuned. If you wish to be removed from the mailing list, please email me to let me know. Thanks.

June 18

bulletRubino's first baby was born on June 13. You can see some of his baby pictures - Click here to see his album.
bulletWonderful's 2001 babies have arrived too. I haven't had time to scan in all the pictures that were sent in yet, but here is an album for a beautiful colt out of an Arabian mare. I'm really pleased with this cross and will look forward to more such crosses. Here is another Wonderful X Arab cross at the breeder's website.
bulletRubino went to another 3-star show last weekend. It was very hot at 105 degrees, but he performed very well and scored mostly 70+% for First level test 4 and second level tests. I don't have all the detailed scores yet. He'll go to the vet's clinic to breed a couple of mares tomorrow. He should enjoy this break. ;-)

May 20

bulletMore Video clips... Enjoy!

May 18

bulletWonderful Sport Horses now carries the Advanced Protection Formula from Auburn Laboratories. Our stallions are on this excellent product, which help them maintain excellent shape while in heavy training, showing and breeding. Report also shows that it is very useful for keeping foals healthy. Click to buy or read more about it.

May 09

bulletBefore Wonderful returned to the breeding farm, we took some pictures and videos of him with my kids and Au Pair. He has always been so gentle and easy even for non-horsey toddlers to play with, yet he's talented to do all the advanced movements. Go to Video clips to see the new footages.

April 17

bulletRubino Bellissimo was undefeated so far. Rubino's recent success at Rancho Murieta CDI***W proves his super mind, trainability and ridability one more time! Our young trainer Nicole competed Rubino in First level tests 3 and 4 as well as Second Level tests. Under 6 different judges, he always scored over 70%, and consistently in 75-76+%.

March 27

bulletMontserrat started his training since early March with Joerg Dietrich in the Muenster area. Mr. Eicke von Veltheim, who my horses had clinics with, went through his associate in Germany and recommended Joerg to me. Eicke has told me that Joerg prepared young horses that went to the Bundeschampioships, and is always very kind to horses. Another good thing is that Joerg promised me that he would be the only trainer to ride my horse instead of an assistant trainer/rider. Montserrat lost quite a bit of muscle tone for his long vacation at Celle, but is doing well and getting in shape again.
bulletBreeding season will start soon. Wonderful will go to Davis and start his prep work the first week of April. Please click on "Forms" on the navigation button on the left to make sure you have all the paperwork ready.
bulletWe took some pictures of my kids and Au Pair with the boys last weekend. Click here to take a look. Enjoy!

January 17

bulletHappy New Year!
bulletSome pictures (video snapshots) of Montserrat are available on-line.
bulletHolga Finken lost two riders at his training facility, and he said Montserrat wouldn't be able to go until April, so I have to look for another trainer. Sigh!



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