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December 26

bulletSeason's Greetings!
bulletThe USDF Horse of the Year Awards with our Wonderful Sport Horses!
bullet4th place nationwide, and the highest ranking Hanoverian yearling colts and gelding division - Weltenzauber (Wonderful X Diamantenzauber by Davignon) owned and bred by Sharon Hardy of New Jersey.
bulletReserve champion, AHS and nationwide, Training level (2842 horse competing, 600 qualified) - Winwood 75.786%.
bulletAHS champion (9th nationwide) First Level (2784 horses competing, 529 qualified) - Winwood (Wonderful X Arisma by Amarillo) 70.857%
bulletWish you a most "wonderful" new year!

December 18

bulletI have just learned that Wonderful is rated the BEST young stallion by German FN (German competition federation) based on his 44 offspring competing in Germany. He is rated #1 with the breed index of 156. This is really great considering he has only 99 foals in Germany before I bought him and interrupted his breeding career there. Also many foals by him are actually imported to the US, so they can't help Papa with the German points with their US winnings. Yippie! Prepotency rules!

December 4

bullet All the Arabian and half-Arabian sporthorse enthusiasts take note! Wonderful is now a sweepstake nominated sire for IAHA. Millions of dollars of prize money is offered annually by IAHA competitions. Foals from Arabian and part-Arabian mares bred to Wonderful can be nomiated for the sweepstakes for prize money. Please go to IAHA website for more information.
bulletGerman trip report was completed on November 17, but didn't get a chance to make an announcement. Read all about it here.
bulletYippie! New video production is finally completed. I did all the work on the video myself with my newly acquired desktop video editing skills. I'm pretty proud of the final masterpiece. It may be a bit long (30 minutes for both stallions), but, well, you have the fast forward button, right? I think I did a 1derful job, and you will enjoy it. In addition to showing my stallions off, I also included information on their sires and grand sires, Wonderful's offsprings and some interesting bloopers. To order one for priority shipment, please click the PayPal button, or call Violet at (408)803-0888.
bulletVideo of Wonderful and Rubino Bellissimo (~ 30 minutes) -- Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
bulletMontserrat will start his training in Germany soon. Holga Finken, trainer of multiple recent Bundeschampions will start working him in Mid-December. I am very excited! Mr. Holga Finken's recent fames include:
bullet Bundeschampionship winner with Wahajama, the 5,000,000 DM mare, two years in a row. Well, when he first started riding her, she was "ONLY" 510.000 DM. :-)
bulletBundeschampionship winner with Wildest Dream in the gelding division.
bulletBundeschampionship winner with Duvalier in the gelding division. Duvalier now also competes at FEI level with Holga Finken.
bulletFEI competion winner with White Magic (3/4 brother of Wonderful).
bulletGrand Prix winner with Wie Weltmeyer (1/2 brother of Wonderful).
bulletHalf brother of Montserrat, Mambo No. 5, was sold for 1.1 million DM at the PSI auction on November 26.

October 29

bulletViolet had a trip to Germany in October. Trip highlights will be compiled in a report to be published soon.
bulletWonderful's son Winwood won ABIC/USDF Regional Championship with 80.2% at training level, and he also scored 74.265% at first level and was second.
bullet1derful.com farm is in contract to add one more wonderful stallion in her collection! The new stallion is Montserrat, a dark brown/black with 4 short socks. He is by Metternich, no doubt the most prepotent Matcho AA son, out of a states premium mare by Abajo xx X Lungau. He scored very well in both dressage and jumping, overshadowing his sensational half brother, Multistar, the reserve champion at 1999 licensing.

September 27

bullet Rubino went to his very first show competing at First Level in an AHS, USDF, CDS recognized show. He won all 6 classes entered under trainer Michael Lieberg. Scores received from international judge were 70.7%, 74.2%, 74.5%, and 78.2% for his first level tests. He received 87 and 89.5 for his USDF Material classes. Judge commented on score sheets suggesting we try for AHSA FEI Young Horse qualifying for 5 years old. US will send three horses to World Championship in 2001. Wonderful's 5-year-old son Winwood went back to Germany to represent the US at the Championship this year. Pretty good for my 4-year-old little boy. I'm a proud mama! :-)

September 8

bulletMade the last shipment two days ago, and I can now announce that 2000 breeding season has completed! Whew!
bulletHmmm, I thought taking care of all the requests and shipments was tough, but I don't think it even compares to the piles of paperwork...
bulletHey, when the job gets tough or rather quite monotonous, I make it a web application! Now breeders can make payments directly at my website using the secured, easy and fast PayPal service, and I'll let PayPal handle the transaction records. Click on the X.com PayPal button and take a look! I encourage all breeders to use PayPal for receiving invoices and payments. Maybe I can offer some incentives for the next season... ;-)
bulletI'm setting up the video clips to go through a Real Streaming video site - EarthNoise. Yap, I'm making more noises; I mean movies. :-) Hopefully I can publish more horse movies this way. Take a look at the movies by clicking on the EarthNoise links on my home page. BTW, I'm still at silent movie time, but sound will come soon. Have fun!
bulletWhile learning all the video goodies, all mare owners, please know that you're encouraged to send me your video clips, and I'll select footages to incorporate them in the stallion video, and publish them to the web. I need fairly good quality (hopefully first or second generation), or else there won't be much to see but really special effects, like snow. P.S. Please email me often to urge me to give up my sleep to do the video. :-)
bulletDon't forget to try our new Google search engine... It even found my long lost pages for me. Cool!
bulletAlmost forgot what I promised last time... Here is some old news on Wonderful's offspring:
bulletWinwood, owned and ridden by Heather Bender, was high points at all of the first three shows that Heather entered him: Indio, Del Mar and DG Bar. At DG Bar his high score was 81.6%.
bulletHanoverians dominate Morvern Park Breed Show - Weltenzauber (Wonderful X Diamantzauber/Davignon) contributed greatly:
bulletFirst in Yearling Colts/Geldings
bulletReserve Champion Colts/Geldings
bulletWinner of the Hanoverian class
bulletMany thanks to owner Sharon Hardy for breeding her excellent mare to Wonderful and showing Weltenzauber. We all look forward to seeing Weltenzauber's new full sibling soon too!

July 19

bulletYippie! Rubino is now a proven fertile stallion with shipped semen. One mare in Georgia is checked in foal after one insemination from the shipped semen. I booked only a few mares with a deeply discounted stud fee for this test breeding season. We'll have some sample foals to see how he produces. Of course, we all have high hopes and expectations based on his outstanding bloodlines and stallion test scores.
bulletFinally we'll have our family vacation from July 20 to August 8. Gee, I haven't even started packing... For all breeding requests, please contact Julie Lamoree, and you can find her contact information in this webpage.
bulletSome excellent breed show results for last year and this year's Wonderful foals have been reported in by their owners. I'll detail them after we get back from vacation. We probably will have even more to include by that time.

June 28

bulletWinwood's talents are recognized at 2000 FEI World Breeding Championship for young dressage horses! The event was held at Arnhem, The Netherlands from June 21 to 25. Winwood had a tough go on his second test due to difficult weather condition, but judges made very positive comments regarding his talents. Click here to read more about it! Click here to see all related articles, where Winwood is also mentioned. Many thanks to Astrid Appels for the reports, and please visit her very informative website!

June 16

bullet Great news! Wonderful's 5-year-old son Winwood out of mare by Amarillo and his owner/rider Heather Bender have been selected by the AHSA Dressage Committee to compete at World Breeding Championship Dressage for Young horses in Germany. Owners had to nominate the horses and submit either test scores (Second Level Test 3 or 4 for 5-year olds, and Third Level Test 2 or 3 for 6-year olds), or a videotape of the horse performing FEI Young Horse Test. Competitors are responsible for all expenses, which certainly would cut down on the number of nominations; however, it was a great honor nontheless. Two other horses from the US selected are:
bullet New Tango, a five-year-old Dutch Warmblood by Contango, owned by Tara Stegen, of Wellington, FL, and ridden by Robert Dover.
bullet Festrausch, a six-year old Westfalen stallion by Florestan, owned by Hilltop Farm and ridden by Scott Hassler.

The horse/rider pairs represent their perspective breeds, not their owners' nations. However, all nations are invited to introduce international experience to the young horses and their riders. Best wishes to Heather and Winwood for a "Wonderful" showing!

bulletWonderful finally has 15 daughters done the mare performance tests, so he is listed in the 2000 stallion yearbook (Hannoveraner Jahrbuch hengste 2000). His offspring are doing really well. Out of 99 foals he produced for the Hanoverian Verband, there are 35 competition horses, 5 states premium mares, 3 elite auction horses, and 3 other Verden auction horses. He received 144 points for his dressage breed index from his offspring's competition winnings, which don't include the outstanding records of his super daughter Wondergirl and geldings that left Germany before they competed there, such as Winwood. You bet I am very pleased with his production records!
bulletWe plan to show Wonderful for the Prix St. George level at the end of July. Please stay tuned for the exact dates to coordinate breeding requests. Thanks.
bulletRubino has moved to the new facility since June 10. He hurt his eye slightly probably by bumping into something in the new environment at night. He is under veterinary care, and hopefully will recover fully soon. Wonderful and Rubino are now living next to each other. It took a couple of hours to settle them down after several sessions of showing off, but they seem to really enjoy each other's company now.

June 6

bullet It's been a while since the last update.  I can tell you moving is not fun, especially with all the junk we accumulated for the past 15 years.  :-)
bullet Both Wonderful and Rubino are doing fine.  Wonderful will be moving with his trainer Michael Lieberg to a new facility that is only few minutes from UC Davis Vet School Teaching Hospital for the semen collection.  With the closer distance, we should alleviate the 5-hour round trip for each collection that has certainly put some stress on the farm manager and the stallion. Please review the new semen request instruction, and you are always welcome to call me for any questions or suggestions.
bullet I've enjoyed riding Rubino for the past 4 months.  However, he will go to Michael's training facility shortly because my vacation is coming up, and it's a lot easier to manage his breeding at Michael's place. Also, he can certainly use some classical dressage schooling without me messing around with him.  Even though he just turned 4, he has been really great for even a novice like me to ride.  He has grown quite a bit taller.  It must be the California hay.  :-)

April 3

bullet Breeding season has started!
bullet Wonderful will be managed by Karen, the owner of Meadowlarks farm, and collected by Dr. Mary Scott from UC Davis.

March 13

bullet We will be moving. The new address is:

13909 Lynde Avenue
Saratoga, CA 95070
bullet Old phone number will be fowarded automatically to the new number: (408)803-0888, and email will remain the same.
bullet We are happy to announce that we will have Dr. Mary Scott at UC Davis to manage Wonderful's breeding this year. New semen request instruction will be sent out by end of this month. Wonderful is with a FEI trainer in that area, so I decided it would be the best to go with one of the best vet facilities in the nation. We plan to show Wonderful lightly; however, his breeding duties will be his higher priority.
bullet As usual, please feel free to call or email me should you have any questions.

February 29

bullet Very sad news - Welt Klasse was put to sleep on February 28 due to complications after two colic surgeries performed on 2/7 and 2/12. He was very courageous and bright till the very end. We're all heart broken, but he will be in our memories forever. If you wish to know more details on his courageous fight, you can look at this page.

January 28

bullet A lot has happened since the last news update.  That is in addition to that my family and I went on vacation in Florida for two weeks and hit every amusement parks at the pace of one per day.  I did visit the Thoroughbred breeding farm Adena Spring.  That was a really impressive setup.
bullet Rubino was out of the quarantine on 12/22.  My trainer Maryanna picked him up since I was on vacation.  He has been doing really great.  He is a very ridable horse with excellent movements.  He looked very immature, probably not much bigger than when he was licensed at two and half years old.  The only issue we have witih him is that he loves to talk, but he stays completely submissive even when he calls.  We tell him "shhhh", but he hasn't quite gotten over it completely yet.  I may book a couple of good mares, but I intend to let him have the time to grow up more.
bullet Welt Klasse and I rode at Steffen Peters clinic on 1/22 and 1/23.  It was the first time I rode him away from home ever, and first time for me to ride in front of many strangers in 13 years.  I was very tense at first, but Steffen was just really great.  Click here to see the full report.
bullet I finally ordered a desktop computer based video editing machine.  It has not arrived yet, and I've heard it takes a while to learn, but the hope is that I can update the marketing tapes much more often to include the new footages of the stallions as well as their babies.  Stay tuned.  (I'll try my best, but don't hold your breath... :-)
bullet AHS 2000 Stallion Directory finally arrived two days ago.  There are three pictures of Wonderful's daughter Wonder Girl.  Click here to see the pictures I scanned in.  Please also take a look at all the other horse albums I made recently.  There are lot of  foal pictures.  More to add...
bullet Check out the new year 2000 calendar pages.



December 02

bullet Rubino is in California! He went to UC Davis for CEM quarantine and is scheduled to be released on 12/22. He is going to be a perfect Christmas present ... for me ;-) However, I haven't had the luxury to see him yet. :-(
bullet Some good news from a breeder who has a 1997 Welt Klasse colt: (it was sent a few weeks ago, but I forgot to publish it in the last newsletter.)
bulletI took Weltinvader to the USDF Sport Horse Breeding Seminar in Croton, Ohio this weekend as a demo horse. Hilda Gurney was the clinician, and Vader ended up the Champion horse of the seminar. The seminar is for prospective breeding judges as well as other breeders or interested people, and they verbally evaluate them and give a score. Hilda said she would have given his trot an 8.5, and his overall score was in the low eighties. She said he was by for the nicest horse at the seminar, and in a class all his own. :) Hope your boy s are doing well! (I actually had an "S" judge ask me if he was for sale). Bev
bullet Wonderful is in training with Michael Lieberg, and we are trying to apply for the Kyra Kirkland seminar in Feburary to ride at Prix St. George level. Wish us luck to get in.
bullet I have been riding Welt Klasse since mid-September, and have been the sole rider since mid-October; it's been great fun though his big movements also made it a very humbling experience. We're now doing lots of extension and collection, and started some canter pirouette work. I couldn't even trot a 20 meter circle without panting and fainting a few weeks ago, so I think this is a great improvement. It's really nice of him to put up with me.
bullet Check out the December Calendar with our gorgeous Rubino.

November 17

bullet Well, I've been busy with all the year end paperwork for the breed associations and mare owners. Everything should be in order by end of this week. All mare owners who bred their mares this year should receive all the documents necessary for registering the foals shortly.
bullet I bought a new stallion at the end of October, and it looks like everything is put in motion, and the horse should arrive California in just a couple of days. He is three and half years old, just passed his stallion performance testing at Adelheidsdorf with a dressage score of 123.10. He is by the famous Westphalian stallion, Rubenstein I, and out of a Bergkristall (Bolero X Shogun xx) mare. He will be appropriately named Rubino Bellissimo (The Most Beautiful Ruby) for his perfect conformation and intense red color. Please take the time to see his photos (go home and click on his picture under his name) as well as his video clips; click on Video button, and look for Rubino Bellissimo. I don't know if I will start breeding him this year, but if you're interested, please contact me in January.
bullet I placed a full-page advertisement in a few magazines: Hunter and Sport Horse, Equine Trade Journal, and California Dressage Letters. Look for it. If you wish to publish ads jointly with me to promote your foals, please contact me for more details.

August 31

bullet Lots of great news in August, and the most important one is that both stallions are recovered well, and I have been having a lot of fun riding them.
bullet Welt's Classique by Welt Klasse out of a Kalypso mare was the champion filly out of 19 fillies at Glenwood Farm inspection.
bullet Another colt by Wonderful was the inspection champion out of 12 foals inspected.  More details coming.
bullet Wonderful Pik did very well and received excellent remarks at River House inspection.  No ranking was done at the River House inspection.
bullet Wonder Girl by Wonderful received 8.33 for her mare performance test, and was the obvious champion.  She received 9 on ridability, all 8's for her three gaits, and 8 for her jumping.
bullet Wonderful is fully approved by ISR/Oldenburg NA and has received his life-time breeding license.
bullet Don't forget to download the new calendar for September!
Congratulations to all the owners!

July 09

bullet Both stallions are healing nicely though Welt Klasse still has large patches of missing hair, and Wonderful still has some small open sores.
bullet We started riding them since last week, and both seem to gain strength quickly, much quicker than I do, but I am getting longe lessons daily on them.
bullet Thanks to our hauler Pam, the new breeding arrangement is working out fine. The stallions are hauled to Valley Equine Clinic whenever needed.
bullet Other than the ISR/Oldenburge NA inspection for Wonderful, we haven't had any firm plans for any outtings yet. Welt Klasse is qualified for CDS championship, so we are hoping to get him back in shape for that.
bullet Two out of our three video machines are broken, so we can't make copies of videos in the past few weeks. Hopefully they will be repaired soon. I apologize for the delay of sending out the video.
bullet Sorry about the delay of the July calendar, but it'll be done in a couple of days.

June 11

bullet :-( My happy face turned into a really sad face when Welt Klasse arrived. His legs were all scraped up, and his left front was swollen though he walked sound. Also, he is quite thin, and looks depressed. I am very upset with my horses' condition.

June 09

bullet Welt Klasse's return has been delayed. There is a mare at the breeding farm for him to breed on Friday. He will be back on Friday instead.

June 08

bullet Everything is all set to change our collection and shipment service to our new vets: Dr. Richard McCormick and Dr. Lori Kayashima in Gilroy. Click here to see the details. Snail mails via postal office have been sent to mare owners. If you have any questions, please be sure to call me. Thanks.
bullet Good news: Both stallions will come back home on Wednesday (6/9).
bullet Terrible news: Wonderful jumped out of his 6 feet tall paddock a few times at night at the new breeding farm, and had an accident during one of the jumps; his stifle was scraped. Unfortunately, we need to ship to two mares today, and possibly tomorrow morning. He will be back tomorrow. The vets at our training facility will examine his injury as soon as he arrives.
bullet June calendar is here - pictures of Wonderful and his first son born in Canada.

May 31

bullet Dr. Mennick has moved! The new contact information:
bullet Tel: (530)529-0703
Fax: (530)529-1698
Truck phone/voice mail: (530)570-4994
Emergencyy pager: (530)899-6327
bullet The stallions will be back for training around June 10, and Valley Equine Clinic in Gilroy will provide the collection and shipment service from that point on. More details will be published here and sent to all mare owners soon by June 6.
bullet Please always feel free to contact me (Violet) at (408)803-0888 you have any questions.

May 18

bullet Welt Klasse had only eight rides before the DG Bar show, but did quite well at the show, and received all qualifying scores. He has gone back to the breeding farm on 5/17 and resumed his other duty!
bullet Two video clips for Welt Klasse are now available. Enjoy!
bullet Pictures of a filly by Wonderful out of an Andalusian mare - see pictures at ClubPhoto.com <-- click.

May 3

bullet Two-day-old filly by Welt Klasse out of Sashay (Saloniki).

May 2

bullet May calendar is here! Help yourselves.
bullet Wonderful's first Canadian baby is born - a colt that sounds just like him - chestnut with blaze and 3 socks/stockings. Mare owner claims the colt is even better than the previous 6 premium foals produced by this mare, and considers him a stallion prospect. I requested pictures and am anxiously awaiting.
bullet New video clips - Wonderful, Wonderful's daughter, West Virginia, 1998 state stud performance testing champion, Rotspon (Rubenstein X Argentan).
bullet Welt Klasse is back in town after 15 days at the breeding farm... only 10 days before DG Bar Show. He will be back to breed on 5/17, and will be back again in a week for SFP show. Busy boy.

April 27

bullet Send faxes to my email box - use eFax number: (707)988-8893.
bullet Video section is open for business -
bullet First clips are taken today, starred Weltanna, by Welt Klasse out of Wotanna (Wenzel X Absatz). Enjoy!
bullet Video clips of Welt Klasse and Wonderful will be here - well, the VHS video machine is definitely not as portable as the Hi-8 camecorder. Stay tuned.

April 16

bullet Wonderful and Welt Klasse arrived at the breeding farm safely.
bullet Welt Klasse was on the waiting list, but didn't get in the Golden State Dressage show. That's really a big bummer. Since the breeding farm is just next door, Maryanna might still ride him there if there are scratches of the right classes.
bullet New feature at the 1derful site - 1derful Shops!

April 04

bullet New calendar with a picture of Weltmeyer is up.
bullet Enhanced the navigation index at our website.
bullet Published a show and breeding schedule using Yahoo Calendar. I love Yahoo! :-)
bullet More facelift to the homepage coming soon ...
bullet Video is coming soon... Stay tuned!
bullet Welt Klasse is only on waiting list to get in to the Golden State Dressage Festival show. If he doesn't get in, he will start breeding season as scheduled on 4/15; if he gets in, he will start on 4/19.

March 02

bullet Pictures I took from Dr. Reiner Klimke and Linda T-J Symposium are on-line! Click on "Home" on the navigation panel on the left, and click on the link that says "Slide show - pictures form ...". Enjoy! The trip report will be available later.
bullet March Calendar is here! Click on "Free Calendar", and follow the links accordingly.

Feburary 23

bullet Well, we are getting ready to go down to Los Angeles. Maryanna also decided to take Wonderful though she will not ride him during the clinic. We haven't had much experience riding him away from home even though we trail ride him out all the time; I rode him once at the breeding farm that was 2 and half hours from us, and that was fine. The little girl who exercised him 3 times a week for me had no problems either. However, this is more like the show environment.
bullet I received (finally) the October issue of Der Hannoveraner, and found the information on Wonderful's daughter, Wanja, winning her class and was the Grand champion at the Bargstedt show. I also went though the last year's magazine again and found more information on his other daughters at the Bargestedt show. I'll get some help to have them translated and published after I come back from the symposium.

January 14

bullet Yippie! Welt Klasse and my trainer Maryanna Danielson have been selected to ride at the Reiner Klimke Symposium. I am really excited.
bullet Extended the deadline of early booking discount to 2/15 due to AHS postponed the deadline of AHS stallion service auction to 2/12.

January 5

bullet January calendar is ready. This year I'll attempt to publish monthly calendar with more varied horsey artwork!
bullet Two new pictures for the eCards too! Check them out.



December 30

bullet Published Wonderful Incentive program. The program has existed since I started breeding Welt Klasse, but the information was only sent to people who planed to sign the contract. Now, it's published to all potential breeders.

December 23

bullet Join the internet craze and fun! I am offering a breeding to Wonderful at eBay auction for a fraction of the regular stud fee. No reserve!!
bullet On my way to Las Vegas ... Chat with you after 12/29. Merry Christmas and Wish you a most Wonderful New Year!

November 30

bullet Read about it! OK, read about it in English. Wonderful and Welt Klasse's sire Weltmeyer, following his sire World Cup I's footstep, won the 1998 Hanoverian Stallion of the Year title.
bullet 1derful eCards with new holiday season theme backgrounds are here. Send a holiday card to your horsey friends.

October 15

bullet It's Winwood who fetched 65,000DM! He was sold to a USA buyer. I wonder where he is going to be?

October 11

bullet Words have come back from Germany - One of Wonderful's son was sold for 65,000DM at the Elite auction last night! Don't know which one yet, but will definitely send out another message when I find out.
bullet Went to visit my mares at Glenwood farm getting ready for the auction. Dividend is in foal to Wonderful, and she looks much more than 2 months pregnant. Aktiva is doing really well for being under saddle for only 7 weeks. Her groom told me one German came to see her and praised how nice her gaits were, and how balanced she was! I hope both of them go to really good homes.

September 26

bullet Both boys are back to Portola Valley and back in training again. Yippie!
bullet Wonderful did it again! He has sired not only the mare show champion for both 1997 and 1998 at Bargestedt, Germany, but also sired Veden Elite auction horses for both years. This year, two are in the Fall Elite Auction - Winwood and Winni-Poo (Geez, who came up with that name :-). Both horses are described to be excellent dressage horses.

September 03

bullet Aktiva is all prep'ed up for the October Glenwood sale. It's amazing how fast she has grown ... See the auction picture.
bullet Aktiva's mom, Dividend, is confirmed in foal to Wonderful. She will go to the Glenwood farm to be prep'ed for the sale also. I would have kept the mother-daughter pair should I have a farm ... sob, sob...
bullet Welt Klasse is due to come back on Saturday. I can't wait!

August 22

bullet Wonderful's daughter, Welfenbraut out of a Futuro mare, achieved dressage score above 7.5, and jumping score above 8.0 at the mare performance testing in Fredenbeck, Germany. Only a very small percentage of German mares have made this accomplishment.

August 21

bullet Received 1derful pictures from breeder whose foal was the high-point Hanoverian at the Delaware breed show. Click here to see the handsome little guy in flight. Click here to view a slide show.
bullet Last foal born this year was reported in two days ago - a flashy chestnut with stripe and four high stockings.

bullet Direct quotes from breeders:
bullet Anyone can call me and I will atest that all Welt Klasse's foals have great minds. - Liz Jenner at Gateway Farm.
bullet He is a real jewel. Very firendly, and quite a mover. Placed 4th out of 15 foals at inspection. We are thrilled with him!! Decided not to sell him - we're in love. I think the "L" line really came through with this baby. If I can find an interested party in next year's foal, that would be great! But, I'm worried about selling the next one - might fall in love again ... Thanks for everything. (Anyone who is interested in getting a 1derful Welt Klasse foal from this mare, please contact mare owner or violet@1derful.com.)
bullet I love this horse! He has the sweetest attitude and seems very amendable to learning, but also has a real spark about him. Hilda was here as breeding judge for Dressage at Delaware. She gave him an 82.6% and he won the Hi-Point Hanoverian Award. I was given a cooler and am supposed to have my picture taken with him and the cooler. (Since it's a 90 X 96", it's a little big for him! We thought of covering him up totally except for his ears and taking the picture that way, but thought better of it! :-) Obviously he'll grow into it!

Thanks to all the mare owners who brought their wonderful mares to Welt Klasse and Wonderful!

The boys have taken care of all the mares during their short breeding season, and will come back home in a week. We'll get back to our training and show program.

August 14

bullet More 1derful news from happy breeders! A two-month-old colt by Welt Klasse went to USDF Delaware dressage/breed show, and beat out foals three times his age, and got the high-point Hanoverian horse with 82.6% score awarded by judge Hilda Gurney. He followed his dad's footstep and won an American Hanoverian Society cooler. He was overall second. Owner said the judge commented that the handler didn't show him well, or else he could've won in this large group of high quality foals.  Congratulations!
bullet Another breeder sent in a picture of her foal at 3 weeks old. This colt was ranked 4th out of 15 foals presented at the inspection. Owner is so happy and totally in love with the foal that she decided to not to sell the foal and breed back her mare next year, but is worried that she may fall in love and keep the next foal too.

August 10

bullet 1derful news from a breeder: A black filly with four white socks by Welt Klasse out of an AHS approved TB mare was named top 3 foals out of ~25 foals at Rainbow Equus Inspection site. She is also entered for the West Coast Sport Horse Classic. Good luck to them!

July 26

bullet Well, it's been a month since last update. I took a 2-week vacation in between, but there are quite a few exciting news...
bullet A 4-year-old son of Wonderful named Wonder Boy was for sale in Washington State. He was marketed for $40,000.
bullet All foals have been reported in, and so far two flashy chestnuts, and all the others are dark with very nice markings - star, some with small strip, matching socks.
bullet Saw one dark brown/black filly with matching hind socks at Glenwood inspection. She is out of a studbook Hanoverian mare by Lortzing. The filly is definitely an improvement over the dam, who didn't qualify for main studbook. The breeder is planning to keep the filly in her breeding program to improve her stock. My Hi-8 video camera is broken :-(, so I can't play the tape, or else I wouldn't miss the chance for creating another web slide show.
bullet Wonderful did it again - he sired the grand champion filly at the state mare show in Bargstedt, Germany second year in a row!
bullet Dr. Bade, the state stud manager, Dr. Wilkens, and the president of Hanoverian breeder president, who's name escaped me, took time from they busy inspection tour schedule to visit my stallions. The breeder president is from the district of Welt Klasse's breeder, so he was particularly interested, and took a lot of pictures. He promised that he would send me the pictures. Though my stallions were in breeding condition, not prep'ed for show or pictures, I hope we still got a few good ones. They seemed to be pleased with them. I was actually very honored that they took the time in 105 degree temperature for this extra trip.
bullet Another Welt Klasse's full sister, Weltluna, is in the April issue of Der Hannoveraner magazine. She is one of the 13 mares who got 7.5 or better in her mare performance riding test held in Adelheidsdorf.

June 26

bullet Several more foals have been born since my last report. However, I have been too busy to write about all the new foals, and I will be out of the country from 6/29 to 7/13. I will give you more details when I come back.
bullet For all breeding contracts and shipment requests, please contact Dr. Paul Mennick directly at (916) 354-1867. He has both Wonderful and Welt Klasse at his breeding farm right now.

May 25

bullet I went to visit the new foal and three yearlings by Welt Klasse at Gateway Farm.Take a look at the slide show of all the snapshots I took.
bullet Took some picutures of Aktiva too. She is all grown and ready to be started. To see the picture, click on Photo Gallery at the index panel on the left.

May 24

bullet Welt Klasse is at the breeding farm taking care of mares. He will be there until end of this month, and then will be home 6/1 to get ready for the San Francisco Peninsula Annual show.

May 22

bullet A new colt in California - a bay with a star and strip, very handsome and uphill! Can't wait to see him move.

May 18

bullet Another baby filly! She is also black with four white socks (what other color can they be?) and a small star. I heard she has been showing off her daddy's trot with a lot of suspension already.
bullet Klasse will be available at the breeding farm from May 24 to May 31. He will be showing on 6/7-9. Many thanks to all the mare owners who cooperated by synchronizing the mares. He will take care of half a dozen mares this time.

May 15

bullet Welt Klasse a daddy again! A chestnut colt was born last night. He has four high stockings, and we all wonder where in Klasse's family tree got that much markings.

May 9

bullet My trainer was still sick and couldn't show Klasse :-( We will try to show him at CDS San Francisco Peninsula chapter annual show in June. Showing gets increasingly harder as he will be busy making babies, and hauling 3 hours each way between the breeding farm and the training farm is simply not feasible. Sigh!

May 5

bullet Welt Klasse is back in training after 8 days away for breeding. His first show at DG Bar will be on May 8. Trainer, who has been suffering from a very bad flu and allergy, rode him today, and said he was just fine, and seemed to know that she was not feeling well and took care of her. I hope they will be fine at the show.

May 4

bullet Welt Klasse is a Daddy again. This time to a jet black colt in Texas. He has the longest legs the owner has ever seen on a foal. He has a large star and snip, and two hind socks! It took Mom and Mom an hour to get the baby out, and the stall was steaming, but again both Moms and the boy are fine.

April 29

bullet A new filly by Welt Klasse was reported in from North Carolina today. She is a black/very dark brown beauty with a small star and two hind socks. Both Moms are happy. :-)

April 27

bullet Welt Klasse went to the stud farm too. He will breed a few mares and come back on week later to get ready for the big DG Bar show.

April 13

bullet Wonderful is now standing at Dr. Paul Mennick's breeding facility in Rancho Murieta, California. To learn more about the facility, check out Pacific International Genetics webpages.

March 29

bullet Wondergirl's picture (from AHS stallion directory) is scanned in and available.
bullet Hey, I finally made it - not only my horses and their relatives are in the magazines, I got in one picture in December 1997 issue of Der Hannoveraner. There are several Breed Orientation Class participants in this picture taken during the 1997 stallion licensing.

March 27

bullet 1998 second quarter calendar is ready for you. You can make a printout easily. Just click the "Free Wonderful Calendar" link on the left. Have fun.

March 22

bullet Kit Stebbins of Flintridge Riding Club in LA called me to let me know that Gerhard Politz imported a Wonderful's son for her. It sounded that he is doing great, and they are just in love with him.
bullet Welcome FISE - Italian Federation of Equestrian Sport. http://www.fise.it is now added to Wonderful link page!
bullet Welcome Cavallo on-line - Italian horses and riders on line. http://www.cavallonline.it is now added to Wonderful link page!

March 21

bullet The American Hanoverian Society Stallion Directory finally arrived. It sure took them a lot of time this year. I was very glad to see Wondergirl's picture. She is by my stallion Wonderful out of a Cavalier mare. She is very feminine and elegant, and has modern and correct conformation. She is one of the only 3 Hanoverian mares that scored overall 8 in the entire 1997 inspection tour I wonder (no pun intended) what her movements are like. By the way, she is black in color with small star, actually looks somewhat like my other stallion, Welt Klasse. Will include a picture of her soon...

Feburary 3

bullet Finally, I built a slide show for all the pictures (video snaps) taken during my trip to Germany in October, 1997. Hope you'll enjoy it!

January 30

bullet The new video footage of Wonderful shot by the famous photographer Bernd Eylers arrived. He was too busy to do further editing work with it, but I couldn't wait any longer due to large number of requests from mare owners, so he sent me the raw footage. The home made version (audio dubbing done by yours truly, and I'm quite proud of the job) is available - Even with just simple audio work, I guarantee that you will be very impressed! To order a copy, please send $20.00 deposit to Wonderful Sport Horses, 719 Broadmoor Drive, San Jose, CA 95129.
bullet The professional production probably will not be ready for another 3-4 weeks. I will charge $25 deposit for those.

January 20

bullet New 3-month calendar for you to print or display on screen!

January 1

bullet Happy New Year! Booking started! The actual breeding season for Wonderful and Welt Klasse will actually be from April 15 to September 15.



December 16

bullet Yippie! Wonderful was released from UC Davis quarantine on 12/16. He is at his new home at Portola Valley Training Center. Maryanna Danielson will be training him.

November 24

bullet Welt Klasse's full sister, a weanling filly, was just imported from Germany by Klaus Schengber of High Point Hanoverians. According to Klaus, she will be used in their breeding program for their stallion Davingport when she grows up. She is also black!

November 15

Wonderful arrived!
bullet Wonderful landed in LA on 11/15, and then went to UC Davis for his 30-day CEM quarantine on 11/17. He is schedule to be released on 12/18 - in time for a merry merry Christmas!

November 8

bullet Wonderful performed his last duty, a charity work, in Germany before he left for America. He was dressed up with Christmas bells and ribbons, and Hannes was in a St. Nickolas' custume, and they paraded through town. Many the children came to pat and sit on Wonderful.
bullet Welt Klasse moved in to his new home at Top Hat Farm in Portola Valley Training Center near the Stanford University in Menlo Park, California. I started riding him. Wow, what a dream horse!

November 2

bullet I just learned that from AHS stallion directory editor that Wonderful's imported daughter Wonder Girl is one of the only four mares with scores 8 or higher on this year's Hanoverian inspection tour.

October 31

bullet Great news! Welt Klasse won the USDF All-breeds awards for American Hanoverian Society for both Training and first level. Yippie! Double Champions.

October 7-27

bullet I will be in Germany to attend the breed orientation course offered by German Hanoverian Verband, and also to arrange to get Wonderful to his new home in California! Stay tuned. For sure you will see a lot of new pictures.

September 27-28

bullet Welt Klasse was the Reserved Champion of CDS Training Level Horse of the Year.
bullet Welt Klasse was the Champion of CDS First level Horse of the year.
bullet Welt Klasse received 75.384% and 76.8% from international judges Linda Zang and Edgar Hotz. Hotz's remark: "Performance mirrored horse's name." To view some show pictures, click here.

September 14

bullet Welt Klasse's first filly out of a TB mare won the Premium award at the Oldenburg inspection. To see some of the foal pictures, click here.

September 4

bullet A son from Wonderful's first crop is a State Stud Stallion candidate.
bullet A daughter from his first crop qualified to represent Hanoverian breed for the 3-year-old mare group at the German Federal Championship.

September 3

bullet Wonderful is now officially Verden Elite Auction Horse sire. Two 3-year-old fillies from his first crop made the preview selection for this prestige auction.
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