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Asian Game Chinese Taipei Team Member Seeking Sponsorship Urgently!! (中文版

The only true amateur member (see profile below) for the Chinese Taipei Equestrian Team desires to train in California before the Asian Game to be held in December.  Will provide official qualification and recommendation letter from Chinese Taipei Equestrian Association (CTEA).  A great opportunity for businesses and all sport enthusiasts who promotes international sportsmanship to sponsor a talented athlete.  All donations will be recognized by CTEA as special endowment and you will be provided a receipt for tax deduction.

Funding and assistance needed: Based on a 6-month program

Item Description Amount in US $
1 Horse Purchase $50,000- $75,000
2 Horse boarding $5,000
3 Training $5,000
4 Competition in the US* $2,000
5 Veterinary fees $1,000
6 Veterinary reserve* $2,000
7 Insurance (including loss of use) $4,000
8 Transportation to and from Doha, Qatar $10,000
9 Living expenses** $4,000



* Optional
** Also look for free housing and use of vehicle to help reduce the expenses.

After the training and competition, the horse is estimated to be worth $125,000 - $175,000.  If the horse was sold at any time, the money would be refunded to the donors prorated.  If donor wishes to forfeit the refund, it will be placed in CTEA endowment fund for future training and horse purchase/lease for this athlete or transferred to other qualified team members as assigned by the current athlete for future international competitions.

Athlete profile

Name: Gerald Shen

Profession: College instructor, Make-up artist, Model

Riding level: Prix St. George, Intermediaire-I, training Grand Prix

Year in the Sport: 25 years

Honors: Winner of final Asian Game qualifying competition

Other specialties: Cooking, Interior design

Sponsorship Levels

*Triple Crown sponsor will be named as horse owner to attend the Asian Game!  All sponsors will receive an appreciation plaque.

Sponsor Category Amount
Triple Crown $50,000 or more to cover the horse purchase price
Winner's Circle $25,000 or more
Gold Medal $10,000 or more
Silver Medal $5,000 or more
Bronze Medal $1,000 or more
All donations are welcome!

Also opportunity to sponsor U.S. Olympic Team candidate.

For more informatin on all these sponsorship opportunities please call (408)803-0888 Thank you for all your support!


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