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Weltwunder by Wonderful crowned Champion at The 51st Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show!  Stay tuned for photos.

Report from Owner Alexis Katz:

The 51st Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, horses their trainers and their owners come to Scottsdale to compete in one of the world's largest horse shows and also one of the most prestigious events. This year over 2,100 horses from around the world competed in a wide variety of events, including dressage, jumping, western riding, Hunter English, Sport horse classes and more. A Champion from each category was crowned. The show people and their beautiful horses competed for a chance to be declared Scottsdale Champion.
All our judges are USDF dressage and or Sport horse jumper judges and we are under the rules of USDF and USEF.
The show started Feb 17th and ended yesterday Feb 26th.
Wonderful's son Weltwunder was gorgeous he won the 4 & 5 year old geldings class and then went on to win the 5 yr. old and over class . He also won the Championship (20 horses)   His manners were wonderful he listened to his handler and owner Gene Katz despite  the loud speakers and thousands of spectators, it was like the horse was performing in the middle of Disneyland. 
He scored an incredible score of   % 90.5  !!!!!!   Beating every gelding, stallion and colt all ages, all breeds, both amateur and open at the show. 229 horses showed in hand
Just some of the marks he received  9 on head & neck, 9 shoulder/saddle postn, walk 9.5, trot 9.5, _expression manners 9.2, Balance & harmony 9.3
On Sunday with his garland of roses around his neck as he prepared to enter the Equidome for the parade of Champions he was quickly surrounded by a  crowd of fans and spectators asking to touch his nose and get a picture with him. It was a large enough crowd that  surrounded him so he could not move but Weltwunder was such a ham he loved the attention and posed with adults and children and just handled it all like a gentleman.
He also won two second place in dressage at first level and after earning his Legion of Honor award in December he is already earned over half of his points towards his Legion of Supreme Honor in only two shows.  Most horses it takes years to earn these awards some it takes a lifetime and he is only turning 4 1/2 years old.
We have some lovely photo's that we should have next week and will send them your way.
Look forward to hearing from you,
Talk soon



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